Not SATA, but Sáta

Ez a cikk már több mint egy éves, kérjük, hogy az oldalon szereplő tartalmat ennek figyelembe vételével olvassa.

Attention! Important information.
If you were searching results on SATA, as a bus interface or any other product or service with this name, we are not that what you are seeking.
Read and understand this abbreviation: SATA – meaning Serial Advanced Technology Attachment, this is a computer bus interface that connects host bus adapters to mass storage devices (and many more other products and services under this name). But we aren’t these.

We are not a technical device, product or service, but a human community, a village in Hungary, Central Europe. The name Sáta (with phonetic accent on the first “a”) comes from a historical person in the far past, when serial advanced technology attachment hasn’t been invented.
So we are very sorry, this website is about a Hungarian village, not about any technical product, hardware or something similar to these.

Local joke as urban legend

Due to the locative suffix -n, “Sátán” means both Satan (as “Devil”) and “in Sáta” in Hungarian. This makes the village the target of several jokes, the most famous being the urban legend in which residents of the neighbouring village find a note in the priest’s handwriting on the church door, saying “Today’s mass is cancelled, I’m Satan” (with the intended meaning obviously being “I’m in Sáta”).

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